Help a loved one

Unfortunately, no one can get someone else sober.
It requires a desire to get sober on the afflicted person’s part.
However, there is much you can do to keep from enabling them, to keep yourself from getting hurt and making it easier for the addict to get well.
The best thing you can do for them is to get help for yourself.

Sometimes doing the right thing runs contrary to logic.
Terms like tough love come into focus at times like these.
Few of us are trained to deal with the issues presented us due to someone else’s addiction.

As addicts and alcoholics in Cocaine Anonymous,
we are ill prepared to help you deal with someone you love and care about that is wrecking their life,
and maybe yours in the process. However, there is one place where you can go that will help.
Co-Anon was created for just this reason. Co-Anon is a group of people who must live and/or work with addicts everyday.
They gather as a group to help each other come to grips with the difficult task of dealing with a practicing addict.

Co-Anon was created specifically for dealing with addicts. The solution for Co-Anon
members and addicts is the same. Trusting in a Higher Power and following a plan of action based on the 12 steps of Cocaine Anonymous.

While we do not endorse any causes nor are affiliated with any other organization,
you may find it helpful to contact another Twelve Step Organization that specifically
deals with your problem. 


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